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Forum (New)

I published a new forum using Nearforum open-source project usinf ASP.NET 4.0 and this is there websites The new forum named Rummies Switch. I am still working on it and Intending to make it an open forum where everyone can edit on it. Link: http://rummiesswit... [More]

(DSDM) Dynamic Systems Design Methodology

Summary DSDM is software methodology found in the Rapid Application Development (RAD) category. The goal of DSDM is to deliver the software system on time and on budget while changing requirements if needed along the development but without compromising quality. Nine Principles DSDM has nine prin... [More]

Main Project Description

Hey, I will working on a project, This new project is designed for users who seem that there Storage is limited and always want more or for those users who wish to have there files always with them. Rummieshub will post time to time updates on want is happening on the main project and you, the... [More]