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Simple Note Pad Writer For Touch C# Part 3

In previous part, I explained on how to build the class that handle the input for the textbox. So it is time to explained on how to use them to display a text or other function in the textbox. For each button, I used the Write(String) and converted the object sender to textbox and used textbox... [More]

Simple Note Pad Writer For Touch C# Part 2

Now we need to set the functionality for the keyboard. We Start by adding a new class to our application. I named mine TextboxUpdate.cs. I removed the default class setting and change them to the following four and also made my class to inherit from Textwriter class.   For editing the a te... [More]

Simple Note Pad Writer For Touch C# Part 1

There is a big craze over the tablet and I am one that likes the technology and would to  be part of. It took some time to think on what I should do so I decided I would write a small program to test. You don't need to buy a tablet, but it a good thing to have if you wish to progress on such t... [More]