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Quick Sort Algorithm

Quicksort is sorting alogrithm which is a divide and conquer sorting algorithms which means that is done by splitting the array by the pivot ideally being in the middle and rearrange so that the right side value are greater than the pivot and the left is less than the pivot.

This is done recursively tghrough the array until only two values are reached and then similar to the Merge sort the array is then automatically sorted. [More]

Rumyhub: Password Generator (Update 1)

The post is about the new application which is currently available as a freeware, can be download from here. This application, named Rumyhub: Password Generator generates a random password of minimun of 4 characters to a maximun of 25 characters using RNGCryptoServiceProvider which uses Microsoft's Crypto API to generate a far less predictable random than the normal random feature in C#. Currently this application is only available for Windows users but a new application based on NodeJS will be available in the future. [More]