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Nexus 7 - Personal Review

The Nexus 7 is a tablet made by Google and Asus. It is simplistic tablet but with powerful specs. It comes in Android Jelly Bean 4.2. Specs The specs for this awesome tablet are outstanding because it is quite cheap to buy. It packs: - 7'' inch with max resolution at : 1280x800 (216ppi) ... [More]

New Toys are available! Visual Studio 2012

The new visual studio 2012 is out, and can be bought from Microsoft. It is quite awesome , It has a new gui that is easy like the predecessors. The new visual studio has skins available to use, for now it has dark and light. I personally recommend the dark version with is more easy to the eye. ... [More]

Evaluation of Pictures before use in editing

This are some tips to help you choose great images to edit and will make editing much easier.  Tip 1: Choosing large resolution images. When searching for images avoid using images that are less than 2 megapixel. Try to find images that 5 megapixel or higher. Large images offer more detail, es... [More]

New Sites is up and Running

A new site is up and running at and will cater for promotional site for cake decorating. The site uses DotNetNuke engine to act for the core and the skins where download from which has some cool open source(free) skins for DotNetNuke. The site also has a pi... [More]

Javascript fade in and fade out effect

A fade in and fade out effect is good to be implemented in your website and it is a good addition to a web gallery. There are more ways than one to implement such effect, some are HTML5 , JQuery, Javascript, Flash and may be done server side with update panel (not recommended).  I created the ... [More]

New Facebook Page.

Like us on facebook. A new facebook page is set up, like the page to get in on what updates I have added to both the blog and the main site. I will be posting images, links to new content, and will try to stay in touch with every comment sent on the site.

Updated Gallery

A new updated version of the picture gallery is uploaded on the main site I removed the images menu but will do another one in the future updates that will be more user friendly than the previous one.The images fade in effect fixed bug where  opacity remained 10% less, rendering t... [More]

Website No More Under DNS Propagation!

The site is no longer under DNS Propagation it is up and running and added some new updates. Google +1 button has been removed due to fault regarding connection with google but working on it to make it workLike button added to the site.New Profile Quick Access Links are added to the site.Login and ... [More]

Back in Business (Almost)

The down time has finally ended, the website is back and running in its position. Thank You for you help ARVIXE, great support team. Very responsive and polite.  The site may not be shown to every one, but there are ways to access it. Try both and [More]