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Drop: myFileNetwork Project

This is my project that I did for my last Year software project. I was show cased at the B2B business forum and also show at MCAST project day. It consist of a simple FTP for user to use. It offer about 2gb of Available Storage. The project also incorporated a social networking a side with the Onli... [More]

Database Development Methodology

Database Properties When designing a database the following properties are key for a good design and implementation of the Database Completeness Ensure that users can access the data they want Ensure that the data can be accessed at any time and at any place This include ADHOC queries Inte... [More]

Constantly Checking Internet connection C# (part 2 of 2)

To continue, Now we need to create the Event object that was set with the method in the constructor and Method was set to check if the event is required to be invoked or else continue and then checks if the was an error if no error the thread has finished. Therefore in our situation the connection o... [More]

C# Getting the Local IP and the Public IP

Hey, in a Network related application it a known that to communicate with each other we need IPs. Today i was researching on how to get the local IP and to start we going to use the System.Net this a set of classes related to web communications. First we want to know our host name by using Dns.GetH... [More]

FTP Research (C#)

Hey, User.. Today I was researching about connecting FTP and C# connection and by default in the Framework (from 2.0 above) has an awesome class that easy to use. The Class is named FtpWebRequest and can be used only by adding System.Net; to the Top of the class. System.IO; needs to be added aswell... [More]

Checking internet connections via wininet.dll

The wininet.dll is a inbuilt dll in windows that checks for 6 settings in the Machine and I am going to use in with c# for internet related desktop application INTERNET_CONNECTION_MODEM checks if Local system uses a modem to connect to the Internet. INTERNET_CONNECTION_LAN checks if Local system... [More]

Multi threading Application in C#

I have been searching on multi threading for a project that I will be doing in the future. The .NET framework has inbuilt class that goes by the name of System.Threading this enables threading which means operations or methods can work in pararel whit each other. First we create a static metho... [More]

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my new blog site using blogengine.NET feel free to wonder about it still empty. This will be just a gather point of my application descriptions.