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A new Website (

A new website is uploaded to the server. a portfolio for Kyle Briffa done by Kyle Briffa, a friend who is also into programming. Go take a look and forward any comments to Preview: homepage.     // //

Advantages and Evaluation of Web Applications

Evaluation As from a business aspect, a web application is a good way to extend the market share of a company or enterprise the website helps to reach people that might not even be in the same country. The company may offer information that some may lack to have like contact info and what type of products or service they might offer, this helps promotion of the company. A website will keep the company running for 24/7 because it mainly automated. Advantages 1.It available 24/7 even after the store, company ...etc closes for the night. 2.If it is properly done it can be maintain by an employee or more depending how it created. 3.It can give a great deal of feedback on which product is mostly bought or which pages the client access the most. 4.Money is transacted directly to the bank account of the company via paypal or similar APIs which are very secure. 5.The client can be all over the world to buy the product or service because the website will be available by just accessing the domain. 6.The company will increase it market share significantly, if the site becomes popular.   // //

New Toys are available! Visual Studio 2012

The new visual studio 2012 is out, and can be bought from Microsoft. It is quite awesome , It has a new gui that is easy like the predecessors. The new visual studio has skins available to use, for now it has dark and light. I personally recommend the dark version with is more easy to the eye.  Also Microsoft , released the express edition in three flavors, Express for Windows 8, Express for Web Development and Express for Desktop Application.Available form  You can also use Team foundation express with teams of less than 6 developers. // //

Official Publish!

As from yesterday the new location and name of the blog will be changed to and also a new website with my portfolio and resume at The site is hosted with ARVIXE that offer great deals on personal class with only 7$ per month with a dedicated IP add on. The hosting is very easy to use, with awesome help and reliable services. I recommend to anyone try to host his site. As for the old server it will host the sharepoint,team foundation server and act a testing ground for new services and application. I am also considering to redo the forum, but it mainly depends on the time I have at hand.

SharePoint replacing Forum

Please note that this post is from the older blog. The end of the Forum.... will be replace with Microsofts sharepoint service... in the future we will again set up the forum.  Feel free to go to the site and wonder about.. and when prompted enter User as user and Pass as 123... and you should be entered to view sharepoint feel free to wonder... Ps. The user will be removed late June...

Simple Note Pad Writer For Touch C# Part 3

In previous part, I explained on how to build the class that handle the input for the textbox. So it is time to explained on how to use them to display a text or other function in the textbox. For each button, I used the Write(String) and converted the object sender to textbox and used textbox.text properties to get the current text form the button. After the text is pass to the TextBoxUpdate.cs, the method checks for the shift boolean and if is true, the shift is turn off. For the rest is the same except for space button that only send a space " ". For the enter button, I used the method I created in TextBoxUpdate.cs that is Returnkey() and for the backspace button I used RemoveLastKey(). And the last method that we need to add is function to add the textbox in focus. This done by creating the new textboxupdate with the new textbox in the parameter. This can be added directly to the constructer but for future updates I added as a method. That is all for the application to work. The next part will about extra methods I added to TextBoxUpdate.cs that offers better flexibility. SimpleNotePadWriter.rar (67.25 kb)

Simple Note Pad Writer For Touch C# Part 2

Now we need to set the functionality for the keyboard. We Start by adding a new class to our application. I named mine TextboxUpdate.cs. I removed the default class setting and change them to the following four and also made my class to inherit from Textwriter class.   For editing the a textbox we need an actual textbox and a string to input in the keyboard. Its best to use a string builder because a normal string uses lots of memory that we actual don't need. So I added two variable TextBox control and StringBuilder builder and the set the control with the parameter and also added an event handler.    I set this event although not necessary needed, so when a handle(or pointer) is created the class will check if the builder is empty and if true it will append any text in builder to the textbox and the set it to null. Now, Lets create a method that will append the string to the textbox. In this method will check whether the builder is empty if not, the method will append the stringbuilder to the textbox. After this check it will append any text that was passed through from the parameter to the textbox.   For the actual writing we need an other method that is found in TextWriter and that has varies input, but we are only going to use the one that accept a string a parameter. The method is void Write(string s) and this method (overridden) will check if a handle is set to the textbox and if so it will append the text or if not it will buffertext to the builder.   That method will take care of any characters. For the backspace, I added a method that when it triggered it will cut all the text to a string  and by using string.substring , removed the last character and append the remaining string to textbox. For the enter or return key, I used the method Write and added Environment.NewLine which creates a new line in a string.   This enough for the application to have all the function needed and can even discard any data concerned with stringbuilder because those not use it. I still explained parts because I will posting a continuation of the class.  // //

Simple Note Pad Writer For Touch C# Part 1

There is a big craze over the tablet and I am one that likes the technology and would to  be part of. It took some time to think on what I should do so I decided I would write a small program to test. You don't need to buy a tablet, but it a good thing to have if you wish to progress on such technology. The best think for windows, when press once on the screen is the same when clicking once with the mouse so therefore I created a small keyboard with buttons to simulate the keyboard and added a Text Box to show my text that I typed in. For the Textbox to act like this application we need to set the following properties. Name : mainTextBox BackColor: White Cursor: Default Enabled: False Multiline: True (This property is important for the text box to accept more than one line. We need to set to boolean for the capslock and shift button.   Now we start setting the Capslock function. The method I wrote is when the capslock is clicked all the character(text on the button) will change to uppercase and if clicked again they will change back to lowercase. I also change the appearance of the capslock to change to red when its on.   Both shift buttons work the same and they change state after each click. With a simple if function in each click.   // //

Creating a simple windows service in C#. Part 3

SimpleService.rar (26.75 kb) This is the final part is on how to install our service to the system if you are using Windows XP you can do this by Opening CMD prompt finding the directory (debug folder in your project) using CD (change directory) and then type installutil SimpleService.exe. To uninstall the service go to the directory by using the command prompt and then type installutil -u SimpleService.exe. This method will not work with Windows 7 and some may not be able to install it if you did not install Visual Studio 2010. If you have visual studio 2010, the IDE should have install the tools one of which is Visual Studio 2010 Command Prompt. This found In Visual Studio 2010 > Visual Studio Tools >  Visual Studio Command Prompt (2010) don't forget to run as Administrator or you may not have enough privileges to install the service. Like the command prompt go to the project directory (debug folder in you project) and the type installutil SimpleService.exe If successful you should have a screen like so... Can found in services manager... by accessing administrative tools in your control panel or simple writing services in start menu... To uninstall the service go to the directory by using the  Visual Studio Command Prompt (2010)  and then type installutil -u SimpleService.exe. Don't forget always as an administrator.   // //