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Client and Server Side Scripting (Part 2)

Server Side Scripting: PHP vs. ASP.NET (Part 1: PHP)   PHP  PHP is one of the leading server side scripting language available for free. It was first created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. Some major website such as Facebook and Wordpress are created using  PHP.  The latest release of PHP is PHP 5 which use the Zend Engine 2.0 similar to the .NET Framework. Prerequisites 1.Apache Server 2.Linux server or Windows server 3.IDE (recommended Zend Studio) 4.Third Party Libraries ( depending on the needs) 5.SQL Server for Databases. (My Sql works Fine) Advantages 1.Main advantage of PHP is that is open source and anyone can use it. 2.It is cross platform therefore it can be run on Linux server using apache, which are generally cheap to lease 3.And uses the HTML tags as the base of the page. 4.Has many free CMS available that are well supported such as Wordpress and Joomla Disadvantages 1.It can be costly because there are fewer developers that are specified in PHP. 2.It need to updated separately it is updated with the os. 3.A bit slower than other languages for big projects 4.As lots of third party libraries that need to maintained separately.   Bibliography Group, T. P. (n.d.). PHP:History of PHP. Retrieved October 27, 2012, from PHP: Praveen.V.Nair. (n.d.). PHP and ASP.NET - A Feature List. Retrieved October 27, 2012, from Codeproject: W3schools. (n.d.). Asp Introduction. Retrieved October 27, 2012, from W3schools:   // //

Client and Server Side Scripting (Part 1)

These will be a serious of 5 posts about Client and Server Side Scripting.A new one will be posted every 2 day. When server side scripting or client side scripting should be used? Server side script is used by the website to interact with the server. For a secure website server side script should always be used. Server Side scripting is the building blocks to make a site dynamic. This should be used to access a database or server resources and can be used to create profile of users accessing the site. Animation should never be made of sever side scripting this should be created by client side script. Client script has access to the client’s resources and does not use the server side sources. Client script is used also for some basic security (but it should always be supported by Server Side Script) to decrease the amount of post backs to the server when using server side script.     // //

Advantages and Evaluation of Web Applications

Evaluation As from a business aspect, a web application is a good way to extend the market share of a company or enterprise the website helps to reach people that might not even be in the same country. The company may offer information that some may lack to have like contact info and what type of products or service they might offer, this helps promotion of the company. A website will keep the company running for 24/7 because it mainly automated. Advantages 1.It available 24/7 even after the store, company ...etc closes for the night. 2.If it is properly done it can be maintain by an employee or more depending how it created. 3.It can give a great deal of feedback on which product is mostly bought or which pages the client access the most. 4.Money is transacted directly to the bank account of the company via paypal or similar APIs which are very secure. 5.The client can be all over the world to buy the product or service because the website will be available by just accessing the domain. 6.The company will increase it market share significantly, if the site becomes popular.   // //

New Toys are available! Visual Studio 2012

The new visual studio 2012 is out, and can be bought from Microsoft. It is quite awesome , It has a new gui that is easy like the predecessors. The new visual studio has skins available to use, for now it has dark and light. I personally recommend the dark version with is more easy to the eye.  Also Microsoft , released the express edition in three flavors, Express for Windows 8, Express for Web Development and Express for Desktop Application.Available form  You can also use Team foundation express with teams of less than 6 developers. // //

Updated Gallery

A new updated version of the picture gallery is uploaded on the main site I removed the images menu but will do another one in the future updates that will be more user friendly than the previous one.The images fade in effect fixed bug where  opacity remained 10% less, rendering the image slightly faded out.Image changes every 5 seconds.Image links are more understandable. Go to see the new gallery at and tell me what you think of it.

Website No More Under DNS Propagation!

The site is no longer under DNS Propagation it is up and running and added some new updates. Google +1 button has been removed due to fault regarding connection with google but working on it to make it workLike button added to the site.New Profile Quick Access Links are added to the site.Login and Register are added in a better location for more user friendliness Now creating and modify the web gallery to be more friendly to use and more modern and stylish. When finished I will make the module available to buy. 

Back in Business (Almost)

The down time has finally ended, the website is back and running in its position. Thank You for you help ARVIXE, great support team. Very responsive and polite.  The site may not be shown to every one, but there are ways to access it. Try both and or try in a few hrs.  This is because the site in DNS Propagation which is the process of letting ISP know your domain and link to it. This should only take up 24 hrs to reach all the ISPs in the world and as we speak half europe is already updated with the new IP.

We goofed!

The main site had been down for the last 1hr or also, and will be available sometime in the next hrs. Sorry for the trouble. Thank you to arvixe support team that helped me solve the problems

Official Publish!

As from yesterday the new location and name of the blog will be changed to and also a new website with my portfolio and resume at The site is hosted with ARVIXE that offer great deals on personal class with only 7$ per month with a dedicated IP add on. The hosting is very easy to use, with awesome help and reliable services. I recommend to anyone try to host his site. As for the old server it will host the sharepoint,team foundation server and act a testing ground for new services and application. I am also considering to redo the forum, but it mainly depends on the time I have at hand.

Simple Note Pad Writer For Touch C# Part 3

In previous part, I explained on how to build the class that handle the input for the textbox. So it is time to explained on how to use them to display a text or other function in the textbox. For each button, I used the Write(String) and converted the object sender to textbox and used textbox.text properties to get the current text form the button. After the text is pass to the TextBoxUpdate.cs, the method checks for the shift boolean and if is true, the shift is turn off. For the rest is the same except for space button that only send a space " ". For the enter button, I used the method I created in TextBoxUpdate.cs that is Returnkey() and for the backspace button I used RemoveLastKey(). And the last method that we need to add is function to add the textbox in focus. This done by creating the new textboxupdate with the new textbox in the parameter. This can be added directly to the constructer but for future updates I added as a method. That is all for the application to work. The next part will about extra methods I added to TextBoxUpdate.cs that offers better flexibility. SimpleNotePadWriter.rar (67.25 kb)