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I has been an awesome Year!

It has almost been 2 years since the blog was first published on my personal computer running Windows Server 2008 standard at that time and many changes were done to blog and to the other websites hosted with The hosting space is provided by Arvixe which has the best deals, better than others. [More]

Projects and Tests: Loan Calculator using HTML5 and JavaScript

I have upload a rather complex calculator, It is not that the formula is hard but the graph is quite hard to do, but getting a hang of it. The application calculators the loan by giving in the amount to pay, interest rate and the amount of years. The app will calculate the monthly payment depending on the inputs. The app example is in the book: 6th Edition Javascript The Definitive Guide bu O'Reilly.  He is a preview of the app just follow this link: Loan Calculator   // //

New Sites is up and Running

A new site is up and running at and will cater for promotional site for cake decorating. The site uses DotNetNuke engine to act for the core and the skins where download from which has some cool open source(free) skins for DotNetNuke. The site also has a picture gallery module thanks to Lightbox Module.  

New Facebook Page.

Like us on facebook. A new facebook page is set up, like the page to get in on what updates I have added to both the blog and the main site. I will be posting images, links to new content, and will try to stay in touch with every comment sent on the site.

A Small App for Christmas in C#

Hey Merry Christmas to everyone. I wrote a small application in C# that has a blinking label and it goes down and up in the form. First I set the form properties BackColor = Black BackgroundImage = set any image you like BackgroundImageLayout = Center FormBorderStyle = FixedSingle MaximizeBox = False Size =540,530 StartPosition= CenterScreen Text = Happy Holidays so the it looks similar to the picture below Now I inserted a label set its properties BackColor = Transparent Font =Microsoft Sans Serif, 48pt, style=Bold, Italic ForeColor = Green Location =13,10 Text = Merry Christmas And should look similar to this Then add two timers one interval of 10 milliseconds and the other with 250 milliseconds don't forget to enable the timers. Now for the coding part. We start by creating an integer for the location of the label and boolean to check whether the label is at the beginning or at the end of the form. Then I set the integer to 2 (the starting point) and the boolean to true(because it is at the top).   I used the timer that is set to an interval of 10 seconds to move the label up and down the form. First the app set the label position with the current position like so Then the integer is added by one if the label is position is less than the from size therefore the boolean is true, if not the integer is subtracted by one therefore the boolean is false. And For the other timer that is set to 250 milliseconds will make the label blink The method checks if the label is visible and if yes the label will be hid for the next 250milliseconds or if no the label is again visible for the 250 milliseconds  I also added a small video to show you the end result. AnnimationXMAS.rar (108.93 kb) // //

Drop: myFileNetwork Project

This is my project that I did for my last Year software project. I was show cased at the B2B business forum and also show at MCAST project day. It consist of a simple FTP for user to use. It offer about 2gb of Available Storage. The project also incorporated a social networking a side with the Online Storage.   *Address blurred out for personal Security       // //