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Evaluation of Pictures before use in editing

This are some tips to help you choose great images to edit and will make editing much easier.  Tip 1: Choosing large resolution images. When searching for images avoid using images that are less than 2 megapixel. Try to find images that 5 megapixel or higher. Large images offer more detail, especially when zooming in, offer greater color than 2 megapixel or less. Tip 1.5: If you choose to scan you images, use high definition scanner that scans images at 300 dpi (Dots per inch) or greater. Tip 2: Choose images that are related to your theme. Example. If are intending to edit an image with sea or sky, try to find images that have blue in them (although images can edited for color changes). Tip 3: Try to find images that have solid color at the background. These images are great to cut from because when using tools like the magic wand in photoshop, the image is correctly selected. Tip 4: Use stock photo for editing. Already edited images are a bit harder to edit and stock photos online tend to be of great resolution. Tip 5: Choose your color tone well. If the image is intended to be shown on the web RGB is the best option but if the images is intended to be printed use CMYK that has a larger color spectrum. N.B . The printer needs to be CMYK for the best quality images. Tip 5.5: If the an images are vector based. Save the image in pdf format, to keep image quality and also compress the size of the image. 

Javascript fade in and fade out effect

A fade in and fade out effect is good to be implemented in your website and it is a good addition to a web gallery. There are more ways than one to implement such effect, some are HTML5 , JQuery, Javascript, Flash and may be done server side with update panel (not recommended).  I created the fade in and fade out effect using javascript reasons are that: HTML5 is not compatible will old browser such IE8 and Firefox 3.6JQuery is quite a big class to be implement if you to keep the code as low as possible.Flash is now being outdated and will be replaced with HTML5.Server Side is quite alot to code because there is ajax for the update panel and elements to send back and forth to the server. I don't always do this in javascript although I wrote that JQuery is a big class, I use it because  it offers more function that a web desinger needs. Understanding To start first create a image you wish to edit and give the image an id, id in javascript is used to get the specific elements so fuction can be built on it or around is. For this test the HTML used is enough for the function. Now for the the javascript. To do a fade in effect we need to modify the css in javascript. By using a counter form 0 to 10, we can increment the opacity by 10% every 50 milliseconds. 50milliseconds is a good amount to make the fade in effect go smooth. The values can be changed to make the effect more smooth, example increase the counter to 100 and increment 1% percent every 10milliseconds. To achieve this to css function are being modified. The opacity value and the filter value. As you can see there are 2 if statements. The difference is one accepts the counter till 9 and the other only accepts 10, this is because the  first statement add the counter to the string which becames 0.1 in opacity and 10 in the filter but if the second statement was merged the first statement the opacity would have remained 0.1 because 0.10 and 0.1 are the same. Can shown above the method is recalled using setTimeout() function and the in the else statement the fadeout effect is called the same way. The fadeout effect is similar but with the difference that the method is decreasing not increases opacity. The last method added to the script is the onload method to call the fade in to start the process. By using the window.onload the script may loop through the code every 6 seconds Resources Download the source-code   // //

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