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Rumyhub: Password Generator (Update 1)

The post is about the new application which is currently available as a freeware, can be download from here. This application, named Rumyhub: Password Generator generates a random password of minimun of 4 characters to a maximun of 25 characters using RNGCryptoServiceProvider which uses Microsoft's Crypto API to generate a far less predictable random than the normal random feature in C#. Currently this application is only available for Windows users but a new application based on NodeJS will be available in the future. [More]

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) as a Security Mechanisms

SSL is a secure connection, which is currently 128bit encryption between the client and the server. This is done similar as a handshake between client and server, the SSL sends a key to the client once approved and only then data can be transferred securely from the client to the server and vice-versa. SSL is mainly used at payment gateways to secure account transfer data, sites such as PayPal and Ebay use SSL. [More]