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Main Project Description

Hey, I will working on a project, This new project is designed for users who seem that there Storage is limited and always want more or for those users who wish to have there files always with them.

Rummieshub will post time to time updates on want is happening on the main project and you, the user can share his/her ideas and can even comment on what can be done to improve on the project.

The Main Project will feature:

  • Upload of maximum of 2GB that will increase in the future
  • Unlimited Download from Website
  • File Management
  • File sharing
  • Social Network
  • Profile
  • Comments
  • And Rate
The project is intended to be built in ASP.Net and C# and will use MS-SQL Server as a database. The Full Project will have a free downloadable Application, for PC will have a C# and Framework 4.0 implementation and LINUX I intend to try Pearl and for MAC I intend to use Objective C.
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