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Simple Note Pad Writer For Touch C# Part 1

There is a big craze over the tablet and I am one that likes the technology and would to  be part of. It took some time to think on what I should do so I decided I would write a small program to test.

You don't need to buy a tablet, but it a good thing to have if you wish to progress on such technology.

The best think for windows, when press once on the screen is the same when clicking once with the mouse so therefore I created a small keyboard with buttons to simulate the keyboard and added a Text Box to show my text that I typed in.

For the Textbox to act like this application we need to set the following properties.

  • Name : mainTextBox
  • BackColor: White
  • Cursor: Default
  • Enabled: False
  • Multiline: True (This property is important for the text box to accept more than one line.
We need to set to boolean for the capslock and shift button.


Now we start setting the Capslock function. The method I wrote is when the capslock is clicked all the character(text on the button) will change to uppercase and if clicked again they will change back to lowercase. I also change the appearance of the capslock to change to red when its on.


Both shift buttons work the same and they change state after each click. With a simple if function in each click.


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