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Advantages and Evaluation of Web Applications


As from a business aspect, a web application is a good way to extend the market share of a company or enterprise the website helps to reach people that might not even be in the same country. The company may offer information that some may lack to have like contact info and what type of products or service they might offer, this helps promotion of the company. A website will keep the company running for 24/7 because it mainly automated.


1.It available 24/7 even after the store, company ...etc closes for the night.

2.If it is properly done it can be maintain by an employee or more depending how it created.

3.It can give a great deal of feedback on which product is mostly bought or which pages the client access the most.

4.Money is transacted directly to the bank account of the company via paypal or similar APIs which are very secure.

5.The client can be all over the world to buy the product or service because the website will be available by just accessing the domain.

6.The company will increase it market share significantly, if the site becomes popular.


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