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I has been an awesome Year!

It has almost been 2 years since the blog was first published on my personal computer running Windows Server 2008 standard at that time and many changes were done to blog and to the other websites hosted with The hosting space is provided by Arvixe which has the best deals, better than others.

Some awesome post were uploaded to the blog such as Internet Service around the world and Nexus-7 Personal Review. Small but cool application using the latest technologies were also uploaded such as the Loan Calculator. (All these can be viewed by visiting the Archive page).

There were also some blog core updates which enhanced the security and the performance of the application. The blog has also been updated with a new theme, which is more silk and smoother that the other theme. 

After the first year of the blog, the site was uploaded to the hosting space with the main site which features my Portfolio, this site had also been updated regularly with core updates and patches. The site also features a Picture Gallery which by time was updated to work smoother using JQUERY and also features a Website Page which contains all the projects worked on.

Other sites where also uploaded to the hosting space. a simple freelance project and an image gallery, the same as the one in the main page.

The latest project uploaded is which is written in PHP which contains sub directories to all the projects or prototypes done in all type of languages. Some project like the Shopping Cart and the Bank Application(Request user form are available there.

All done and said, this doesn't mean there is nothing planned for the future, but other major update will come in the next 12 months such a CMS written C# MVC 4 will replace's current CMS, a PHP CMS will be implemented at and a NodeJS MVC structure to be available for download.

Other than that takes for being a fan, we are a small group, but expanding bit by bit. Thanks.


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