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Project Evaluation Techniques (SWOT)

There are various techniques for Project Evaluation, and the most popular of these techniques are:

  • GAP Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • PEST Analysis

SWOT Analysis

SWOT is one of the most effective techniques to evaluate projects. The SWOT technique is split into 2 sections.

Internal Factors: Consists of all the factors which affect the project internally.

Strengths: Are all the positive attributes and variables within the project. Such factors will increase the chance of project success.

Weakness:This is opposite of the strength factors. These are internal attributes that affect the project outcomes. To many weaknesses will make the project a failure

External Factors: Opposite of Internal these factors are not created by the project itself. External Factors consist of factors that affect the project from outsources such as government, people using the system... etc.

Opportunities: These are factors that will benefit greater the college. Factors such ease of use will increase the amount of student applying for courses.

Threats: These factors will badly affect the project. Threats are not controlled by the college. If college funding is reduce this will affect the product outcome.


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