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Project Evaluation Techniques (PEST)

PEST Analysis

PEST is used to analysis all external factors that affect the project success or failure. PEST is split into 4 sections:

  • Political: These affect the project in positive or negative. Laws, global issue may affect the project success or failure. Government Funds positively affect the project outcome, other such laws that contradict the project negatively affect the project outcome.
  • Economic: These factors consist of where money must go. Taxes, wages income taxes are all taken into account.
  • Social: are what the population things or may thing about the project. Trends, media, events and ethics are all part of the social factors that positively or negatively affect the project outcome.
  • Technology: Factors that are technological. Innovations, access to hardware and limitation of hardware effect the project outcome. To overcome this limitation the college should to invest in the latest technology at that time.

PEST can also be extended to cater for 2 other factors also know as PESTLE

  • Legal: Similar to political factor, legal caters for any legislation that are in affect or that are proposed for the future.
  • Environmental: Issue that are either locally such as transport or globally such the use of facebook and other social networks.

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