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Rumyhub: Password Generator (Update 1)

The post is about the new application which is currently available as a freeware, can be download from here. This application, named Rumyhub: Password Generator generates a random password of minimun of 4 characters to a maximun of 25 characters using RNGCryptoServiceProvider which uses Microsoft's Crypto API to generate a far less predictable random than the normal random feature in C#. Currently this application is only available for Windows users but a new application based on NodeJS will be available in the future.

The current package package which is installed contains the application itself, and Library which contains a group of security methods which can be used in your applications. A further explanation on the library will be posted here in this blog in the near future.

How to use
To use the application first download and the install the application : Password (961.6KB).
The installer will create a shortcut on the desktop and another shortcut in the start menu.

Open the application and a window like the one below should appear:

Choose the size of the required password (minimun is 4 and the maximun is 25) and click on generate, the password will generate and available in the textbox like so:

Once generated the application will create a hashed version of the password using an unsalted SHA512 which is available in the hashed tab.

Important Notice:

In spite of the fact that this application generates a very secure password, the application does not guarantee that a malicious user will not enter your software/data/machine. 

A strong password is used to make a entry tghrough the login less predicable by any malicious users. Other counter measures should be implementated to improve your software security such as firewall, antivirus, encryption and the list goes on.


Download Link: Rumyhub - Password (472.2KB)

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