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Rumyhub: Password Generater (Update 2)

New Feature:

A newer version of the password generater is available for download. The front end of the application has not changed except for the version which shows you the current version of the application.

The update has updated the start up process, which checks the installed version of the password generater and compares it with the website version. If the version does not match the application will download the latest application to your desktop and run it.

How it works:

If a newer version has been detected, the application will open the downloader from as shown below:

There is not much functionallity going on here but this part if very important to keep the application updated with the latest features and security features. To continue click on yes and download the updated version. The application will inform you that it is about to start the installation and the application will be terminate as seen below.

Some Issues:

  • Currently the application only downloads to the user desktop and if the application has not rights to the desktop the application may not be able to download the latest version. 
  • Interrupted downloads may break the application in some case.
If any issue are regarding the update feature the current link: will always redirect you to the latest version which will automaticly update your current version.

Future Functionality that may be added:

  • Ability to choose the download path.
  • Different hash algorithms.
  • Ability to add or remove character for the password to generate from.

Download Link: Rumyhub - Password (472.2KB)

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