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Rumyhub: Password Generater (Update 3)

More Flexiblity:

A new feature has been added to the application which  allows the user (you) to set the character you wish to use to generate the password from. 

The feature currently supports:
  • Inserting new characters
  • Deleting characters
  • Database Recreation/Reset which reverts to the default database
Other notes regarding the new addition.
  • Updates to existing character are not supported
  • Group deletion is not supported
  • Database smaller than 3 characters are not supported and default database will be used
The feature will create a file into the documents folder, the file create consist of the database.

Technical Notes
The application has been converted to a much more maintainable application. The application has to have writes to the documents folder of the user to successfully use the database. The Database uses SQLITE which a very small and fast SQL Database and optimal for the Symbols table.

How to use:

To use the new feature click on the character settings found on the main window. This will open the new settings window where you can edit the character which are used to generate the password. As shown by the below image, click on the button which is surrounded by the orange box.

How To add a new character.

To add a new character use the textbox on the right part of the window and type a single character or symbol example € and click on 'Add' as shown below.

To delete:

To delete the symbol highlight the row and click delete on your keyboard. If symbol has been delete, status label will show up in the bottom stating that the symbol has been deleted as shown below.

Recreate Table:

As one may notice, in the above images shows a link to recreate the table. This feature will reset the table to the default table which consist of some special charaters, numbers , lowercase alphabet and uppercase alphabet. 
Please note this feature takes some time to regenerate the table.

Download Link: Rumyhub - Password (1003.1KB)

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